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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter tonyboy Start date Oct 15, What is the name of your state? Connecticut About 6 years ago, while an undergraduate student, I was arrested for misdemeanor possession of marijuana. I was able to enter Connecticut's Accelerated Rehabilitation program, which required me to take a drug counseling class and complete a considerable number of community service hours.

As I understand it now and understood it then , from the time of my initial court date, if I followed through on these obligations and stayed out of trouble for a year, I would successfully complete the ARD program and my record would be expunged. I am applying for a job overseas and part of the process is that I must submit to an official FBI background check. This involves me filling out some paperwork, getting fingerprinted, and sending it all in for the results.

The problem is that, on my application, I must divulge any arrests, charges, or convictions, even arrests that never led to actual convictions. According to the third document linked above, I can answer, in all honesty, that I have never been arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime, according to Connecticut state law. But I am wondering if a record of the arrest itself still remains.

Accelerated Rehabilitation in Connecticut

According to the first link above, records related to AR cases are "open for the duration of the AR probationary period and for 20 days after the entry of a dismissal by the court" and are "then erased pursuant to C. Or are there indications of the case that remain no matter what, such as an arrest or other damning information? And also, if anybody has specific information regarding the usual thoroughness of an FBI background check, that would be nice.

Will A DUI Appear On A Background Check?

From what I understand, criminal history information has to be sent to the FBI by the states, and there are varying guidelines as to what is considered a serious enough offense to be shipped out and included in a centralized criminal database. I'm not sure if a low-level misdemeanor would get there or not, much less a misdemeanor that has been expunged due to satisfactory participation in an AR program.

The New Accelerated Rehabilitation Rules

Anyway, thanks in advance for any help. Expunged means just that, the record is expunged and you are under no obligations to reveal it. But in real life the FBI will have a private company, not subject to the rules run your name and the charge will probably turn up. Be ready with your record of expungment. A pot charge isn't that big a deal I mean who hasn't smoked pot? What would really upset them is if you tried to hide it, by having an expungment record you could avoid any trouble.

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In short I would not mention it, and I would have my papers ready in case it comes up. You roll the dice either way, Tell and it may disqualify you Don't tell and they could fail you. With the second option at least you have some recourse. CdwJava Senior Member. Enspongement Reply Tonyboy or another future savior, You are probably away enjoying one of the best trips of your life. On the other hand, I am in the exact predicament you were in and described below and probably for the same program, but in California.

Finding a Job

Can you or someone else please help me!? It looks like you lucked out being in CT and that they have an automatic expungement in the case of dismissal of criminal charges. I dont believe CA is the same. I put no for any prior arrests, etc on my application, but have my FBI record in front of me and it lists my one arrest and charges brought up against me.

What do I do??? Thank you for your time. Michelle tonyboy said:.

Can I fix a mistake or get information taken off my record?

If you are trying to get a job with the FBI or another law enforcement agency, then yes, they can be given a full criminal record, even of records that have been expunged. Another instance is if you're applying for a job that would give you a government clearance of some sort, and I believe they're doing this for certain airport jobs too now. But if we're talking about a private company, say a small business of some sort, then no, they won't have access to expunged records. Those records simply won't show up for them. And in any case, the only way anybody, except government agencies, can even see your FBI criminal record is if you personally submit to fingerprinting and request it.

It's not like any old employer can just call up the FBI and order your criminal record. The victim told police that the suspect had been standing on their property and looking through a window at the victim who was within a house,. Mr Russell had been placed on administrative leave with pay from the school system on December 5, while the December 1, Aunt Park Lane incident was under investigation by police. Mr Russell later resigned from his employment with school system, effective February According to the police's arrest warrant application in the case, the female victim called police to complain that as she was getting dressed for the day in her first-floor bedroom, located in front of her house, "she noticed a man looking in through the window," after which she screamed, ran out of the bedroom, and then called police.

In the court papers, police state that the bedroom window apparently did not have any screens or blinds on it. You must be logged in to post a comment. Welcome, User. Front Page. By Andrew Gorosko. Text Size.

Deferred Adjudication / Pretrial Diversion - FindLaw

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