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Printed by Not cancelled. Folds, creases, toning, some rough edges. Printed by Geo. Magee, Philadelphia. Rare that the claims, 30 acres, on Iron Hill, California District. Folds, wrinkles. No references found. Signed by president Ludlow Patton and secretary Weeks. Black border and print, Lot Leadville, Colorado no vignette.

Located Feb. Stock Certificates May 27th, Signed by president Lot of 3 different. This is a rare grouping! According McCormick and secretary Cameron. Green border and background, black print, and of Albert Blow, was working to construct a double- fabulous vignette of stagecoach moving through the mountains! Four revenue stamps attached on and Breece Hills to drain the mines and make reverse. All three are signed by vice president Charles H. Grop and Star of the West Mining Company the secretary. None cancelled. Three different color varieties for the underprint situated in California Mining District, green, red, blue.

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Pinholes, folds, light wear. Ken Prag in Colorado, Poor condition with heavy soiling, Certificate Unique name for a mining pinholes, folds, hole in seal, small tears. Signed 14 miles from Malta. No printer listed. No other information found.

Mining Company Stock Certificate Inc. Stock Certificate Very rare Leadville 57, issued for shares to company stock with CO pioneer autograph!

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Low vice president John C. Adams on Jan. Signed by company treasurer M. Camplin on president N. Rollins and secretary JF June 28th, Signed by president Frenoff. Black border E.

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Gruber, treasurer Camplin, and and print. Small mining vignette. Printed by FL Waite, Chicago. Many folds and creases, separation, Attractive multi-color design with green, red, and black print and train soiling, a few small holes. Gruber co-founded the influential pioneer Colorado banking firm in the California District.

According to the reverse of this certificate, the ft. In the Devanport Lode, they have 14 feet of contact matter which had a mill Lot Leadville, Colorado run of 40 ozs. Rollins and secretary Stock Certificate Rare. Black border in New Jersey. Many August 3rd, in Camden. Signed folds and creases, a few small holes. Black border California District. Developments include one ft. Two shaft.

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Folds, wrinkles, dog eared corners, some toning. Located Lot Leadville, Colorado in Leadville, according to a prospectus for the company found online. Tenderfoot Cons. Development included a 20 ft. Stock Prentice and secretary Howell Smith. Folds, pinholes, heavy toning. Robinson on March 14th, in Mining District. Signed by the president and secretary Barnes. Folds, some toning Two Different Leadville Mining and soiling. Lake County. Developed by 8 tunnels. Signed by President J. Black Waterloo Mining Co. Printer: ABN Co.

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Whitney took an exhibit of Colorado ores to the , issued for 10, shares to the Paris Exhibition in in order to promote company secretary John J. McGowan on investments. Signed by the president Not cancelled. Black border and print, and secretary signatures faded.

Two vignettes: train green background. Very ornate title under mountain and mine hoisting scene. Poor condition including with an unusual vignette of a horse stains and large chunk missing on the left. This is one of them. Signed by president W. James H Barre.

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Not president Charles K Randall. Black border and print, green background with Nature Stamp and signature in middle of stock is a vignette and Colorado state seal. According counter signature. Two mining and to the Leadville Daily Herald, May 9, , the company filed a mining one eagle vignette.

Dateline application for the Gypsy Carbonate mine, x feet, in the New York Location: Nevada District, Colorado Territory. Ken Prag Collection small holes and weka spots.