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You will have to submit a form describing your property and sufficient proof that it is overassessed, including valuations of similar homes nearby as evidence.

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If your appeal is accepted, your home assessment and property taxes will be lowered as a result. If you would like to appeal your property, call the Dare County Assessor's Office at and ask for a property tax appeal form. Keep in mind that property tax appeals are generally only accepted in a month window each year.

For more information and example appeals, see how to appeal your property taxes. Property tax rates are based on property values. The tax base includes approximately 12, vacation homes and condominiums and 3, hotel or motel rooms, which accommodate an average seasonal population of , compared to the year-end Census figure of less than 34, Income indicators are above those of the state and nation.

Seasonal visitors contribute a good deal of wealth to the economy, perhaps best evidenced in the county's retail sales per capita which is more than three times the state average. The decline in fiscal unrestricted balances is attributable in part to the transfer of certain available reserves into the restricted stabilization fund.

State law requires the stabilization fund to be classified as a restricted reserve although Fitch considers this fund to be an available resource. Management is currently projecting a small end of the year general fund surplus as spending trends below budget and revenues benefit from the one-time receipt of EMS fees as a result of outsourcing collections.

With the projected fiscal surplus and reductions in stabilization fund requirements, officials expect that fiscal operating results will make significant progress towards meeting the target.

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Fitch believes that the county's strong management team will maintain ample levels of reserves and liquidity. The tax base has expanded at a very modest pace averaging 0. A sizable reduction in values was expected given previously high sales-to-assessment ratios reported by the NC Department of Revenue and large reductions in residential values since the last revaluation in All of the towns, except Manteo, have tapped the fund for beach work.

The county provides no funding from county property tax revenues. Nourishment projects require a permit from the U.

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Army Corps of Engineers, which is responsible for oversight but provides no funding. The dry sand beach is deeded to private property owners but can used by anyone under the Public Trust Doctrine in North Carolina. Here is what the Corps says about access in the context of beach easements provided by oceanfront property owners for nourishment work:. The Corps requires that the beach remain open to the public for use.

The public will be able use the beach on which the easement has been placed in a reasonable and lawful way. It does not, however, turn the beach into a municipal beach that is controlled by the government. It still remains private property. In addition, the public will not be permitted to use any portion of the property beyond restrictions set in the easement. For example, the public is not permitted to traverse the property in order to get to the beach.

In North Carolina, the beach to the dune line is considered public and anyone can use it. Access, however, is not a public right.

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If a property owner does not wish to grant access, they cannot be compelled to. The town is not unique in that regard.

Supreme Court of North Carolina.

Southern Shores has no public access and many of the villages on Hatteras Island have very limited options. How Duck was developed, though, was unlike the other Outer Banks towns. But in Duck there are wide distances between the state road and the beach. By comparison, as Ocean Boulevard travels through Southern Shores, single lots separate the road and the beach. When the county first platted Duck, there were multiple properties between N. They divided them up into as many parcels as they thought they could make the most money.

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To be marketable, there must be access to a property. To do that, Hovey says, the developers took a small slice out of properties going to the ocean. Unlike most states, North Carolina towns and counties neither own nor maintain public roads; that is solely the responsibility of the state.

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It did not end at a cul-de-sac or at an oceanfront property. They noted that the language is standard for granting an easement for public use roads, but that the grant does not extend to private property on the beach, noting that the access is designated for the private use of the HOA. In their motion to dismiss the case, Sand Dollar Shores attorneys pointed out that to be public access the easement would have to be specifically designated as public access.

The easement language does not do that. According to Hovey, he simply ran out of money to pursue the case and it was dismissed but never resolved in The judge dismissed the case without prejudice — a finding that allows the suit to be reinstated at a future date. Looking south from the Field Research Facility at about a quarter mile of open beach. Army Corps of Engineers. When Hovey posted the video of his confrontation and arrest on Facebook and Youtube, it quickly gathered thousands of hits, and much of the reaction held Duck responsible for the lack of public access.

Town Manager Chris Layton is quick to push back against that. Duck did not incorporate until May of , 20 years after the oceanfront properties had been platted.

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Much of the property had already been sold when the town incorporated. Even if an access was designated public, it would not mean that the path or trail would be immediately available for public use. Most of the streets running to the ocean end in cul-de-sacs or dead ends. That certainly increases the room that you need. We are talking about roads that are in subdivisions.

At the June 5 Town Council meeting, Mayor Don Kinston, responding to an email from Hovey, seemed to acknowledge in his response that Duck would have to address public access. Staff will develop a plan for this discussion over the coming months. The first public forum after the May 29 incident, the June 5 Town Council meeting was notable for its lack of rancor.

Twelve speakers came to the podium. Only one spoke in favor of continued private access. That is no longer the case with access controlled by a locked gate. The town is aware of the potential for public access on the property, according to Layton, and has taken steps to make it easier for the public to use it if it becomes available. If it ever did come available, there would be one other hurdle to it becoming developed as residential. But we asked. And we got a no.

And we asked again and we got a no. Nothing has changed. The scientists, engineers and researchers of the Field Research Facility FRF place the safety of the public and the citizens of the Town of Duck as their highest priority. Since its establishment in , the FRF has acted in accordance with public land and safety policies and in accordance with DoD guidelines.