Newly elected Harris County misdemeanor judge dead at 57

The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, April 10, The Sun Sentinel Thur. Campbell, the widow of the distinguished divine, Alexander Campbell, is visiting her granddaughter in Richmond. Campbell is 89 years of age but is well preserved. Campbell died near Richmond this week. The Winchester Democrat, Wednesday, December 30, He gained notoriety a few years ago by a suit for one hundred thousand dollars for breach of promise of marriage brought by Miss Campbell of Ironton, Ohio. Since the arrest and incarceration of John L. Wigginton, no further developments are known in the poisoning case.

The old man sticks to it that they are all innocent, and that the confessions that were made by those who did confess were untrue, and extorted by intimidation and threats. Died—Miss Clara Campbell, who became famous in the Campbell-Arbuckle breach of promise suit a few years ago, died last Tuesday at a sanitarium near Ironton, Ohio.


Investigation showed that he had been shot in the head, and his head mashed to conceal the shooting. Ernest, 9-month-old son of Mr. Henry Campbell, died Monday at their home on the Mt. Sterling pike.

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The remains were buried in the Winchester Cemetery Tuesday. Well known editor passes away. Somerset, Ky. Campbell, aged 60 years, editor of the Somerset Journal, and known through Central Kentucky, died here. The deceased was for several years under the administration of Gov.

Beckham a member of the state board of equalization. He served through the civil war on the union side, and though his weakened condition lately was due to that service, he would not accept a pension. At Owensboro, Tuesday, Dr. Campbell, aged sixty years, and Mrs. Crow, aged fifty. The bride was the widow of Hon. Wesley Crow, of Ohio county, and prior to her marriage to Mr. Crow she was the widow of Dr. Alex Stewart; formerly of this county. George A. Harding and MacNeill and burial in the Winchester cemetery.

The deceased was a kind, generous, big hearted man who leaves a host of friends to regret his death. The following will serve as pall bearers: Grant Witt, J. Watson, J. Poynter, A. Hampton, J.

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Conway, and B. McDougald, who was called to Winchester, Ky.

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Campbell, of that place, is expected home tomorrow. Henry Campbell, a well known tailor of Mt. Sterling, died at his home Sunday morning aged eighty years. He was at one time a resident of Winchester. Died, on Sept. Campbell and wife, grand daughter of Mr. Burial the following day in family graveyard near here. Suicided in His Cell. Henderson, Ky. He was a farm hand and assigned no cause for the rash act. Burchard, aged 79, died Sunday night of pneumonia. Joe Campbell, a student at the graded school, fell on the ice Monday morning and broke his collar bone.

The news of the death of Joe Campbell was received with profound regret by the baseball fans of this city. Campbell was very popular in Louisville, where he had many warm personal friends. John Campbell, who lived near Fox Station, came to town Monday and got drunk. He started home and lay down on the track.

A freight train came along in the darkness and struck him. He was taken on to Mt. Sterling where he was cared for and the next day he was brought home. He was badly hurt about the head and will die.

He was about forty years old and leaves a wife and several children. Winchester Democrat, Friday, November 5, Campbell, John Died. John Campbell, for many years an inmate of the County Poor House, died there Friday, of hemorrhage of the lungs, aged about twenty-five years. Cane Ridge.

John A. Campbell, aged 73, and who has been for 30 years County Clerk of Nicholas county, died the 28 th from a stroke of paralysis received several months ago. Franklin be appointed guardian to Joan A. Campbell infant orphan of Joseph Campbell dec. Campbell giving her consent to said appointment. Order Book 11; P. The train was stopped and Campbell was brought to the depot in this city, where he remained until midnight when he was taken to St.

Although it was evident from the first that the injuries would be fatal, he lived until the following morning. He was a section foreman and was regarded as one of the best. He was usually a sober man, but the finding of several bottles of beer by the side of the body, showed only too plainly the cause of the trouble.

He was 24 years old, and leaves a wife and two little children, who live at Colby. He was orginally from Bracken county, but married in Eastern Kentucky where the body was taken for burial.

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Campbell is the wife of Marrison Campbell, who had his limbs cut off and was killed by the train near Winchester. Sterling Advocate. The Winchester Democrat, Friday, March 22, Alexander Mrs. Alexander Campbell, widow of the great Christian divine, died at Bethany, Va. Bernice W. Bertha C. Bertie Died At Lexington. Bertie Campbell, wife of Dr. She was a niece of Mrs.

Mitch McConnell

Willis of this county. Willis, Solomon Vanmeter and Prewitt Vanmeter were pall bearers. Betty J. Elizabeth The Winchester Sun Wed. Elizabeth Jane. Etta May.