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You can find contact information for your Register of Deeds. An official court reporter is a certified professional who makes a word-for-word record of court proceedings and may prepare typed transcripts from that record for purposes such as appeals. Official court reports are approved either by a senior resident superior court judge or the Administrative Office of the Courts. A list of official court reporters is found here. A transcriptionist listens to an audio recording of a court proceeding to prepare a written transcript.

A transcriptionist does not usually attend the court proceeding, but rather listens to an audio recording made by the clerk in the courtroom. On the other hand, an official court reporter attends the court proceeding and is trained to use special technology to make a word-for-word record of the proceeding. For example, court reporters may use stenotype machines or voice writing. Voice writing is the process of echoing the spoken words of a proceeding into a special, mask-like device that is connected to a computer.

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As the court reporter speaks into the machine, the computer software translates the spoken word into a transcription, which is then reviewed by the court reporter upon the conclusion of the proceeding. An official transcript is a typed version of the word-for-word recording of a court proceeding prepared by an official court reporter or transcriptionist on this list.

When is a transcript prepared? A transcript is prepared at the request of a party and requires the payment of fees to the transcriptionist or court reporter to prepare the typed version. Typically, transcripts are prepared for appeals. If you are entitled to a court-appointed attorney on appeal, transcript fees will usually be advanced on your behalf for an appeal.

Under some circumstances, however, you may be ordered to reimburse the court for such transcript fees. The transcript gives the appellate court a word-for-word record of what happened in the trial court. Also, when making arguments on appeal, the parties cite to certain portions of the transcript to support their positions. For example, criminal district court proceedings other than pleas in H and I felonies are not recorded unless ordered by a judge.

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Appeals from criminal district court go to superior court for a new trial rather than a review of the record of what happened in district court , so a transcript is unnecessary for that purpose. If the clerk made an audio recording of the proceeding, how do I request a copy? You will be charged for the actual cost of a CD if the recording is available.

Some court proceedings are confidential, like juvenile cases and involuntary hospitalization cases. In confidential cases, you must request permission from the court for a copy of the recording on Form AOC-G Alert Cagertory Placeholder. Link Text Placeholder. Court Records How can I view records in criminal cases? How can I remove cases from my criminal record? How can I view records of civil, special proceeding, or estates cases?

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