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Pre-employment background screening helps employers get a clear and truthful picture of a candidate irrespective of the information shared by the candidate during the interview process.

By looking at the past of a candidate, an employer can select an applicant that is not only qualified for the position, but can also be a great long term investment for the organization. There are several organizations that are still uninformed and make the mistake of not conducting background check of all applicants. Here are some of the reasons why conducting background screening is necessary for the US recruiters.

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Applicants are going to say whatever they can to get the desired job. There are times when applicants exclude certain jobs or vital information from their resume hoping that the employer will not be able to find it out. Pre-employment background checks are not carried out to discriminate applicants who had previous criminal records. Rather, it is meant to make sure that the past acts are not serious enough to create problems in future. You may come across potentially dangerous applicants like serial sex offenders or violent criminals who might pose a threat to your existing employees.

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But if you do not conduct a criminal background check of candidates you will never know who you are dealing with. Remember, as an employer, you will be held responsible for any incident that might happen in the workplace if you do not conduct background check of employees. Today, employers in the US are looking to provide a safe and drug-free workplace to their employees. Hence, in order to eliminate such candidates from the applicant pool it is important to carry out pre-employment drug testing.

Background checks and other pre-employment screening services are an integral part of the hiring process in the US. By screening a candidate through a comprehensive background check process, employers increase the chances of preventing negligent hiring lawsuits and provide a safer work environment to their employees. Organizations all across the United States rely on these pre-employment background screening services to select the right candidate for the job.

Identity check can provide you information that can be used to be more confident about the candidate you are hiring. It also assists you in scrutinizing whether the candidate is being honest with the most basic personal information.

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It is an integral part of the background check process which provides crucial information required to move forward with more extensive searches. Some of the identity check services provided by background screening vendors include:. Criminal search services assist employers in finding out the past criminal records of the candidate based on county, statewide, national and federal level. It even provides information pertaining to sex offender records of the candidate at a national level. Some of the criminal search services provided by background screening vendors include:.

This is done through verification services to ensure the authenticity of the information provided by the candidate. Some of verification services provided by background screening vendors include:. These additional services provided by background screening vendors include:. In the present day scenario, with an increase in employment related frauds, crime rate and forgery, employers have become more and more concerned about workplace safety.

Hence, they have started to conduct pre-employment checks in US. Despite background screening processes being critical for the overall success of an organization, it has been marred with lots of myths and misconceptions:. This is done through Adverse Action wherein the employer must notify the candidate within three business days about the findings and provide a copy of their report. No employer can deny this right to the candidate.

Many employers perceive that background checks are unnecessary as vast amount of information can be accessed through the internet. But using online and social media searches can prove to be harmful for the organization. There is a good chance that you will not be able to get all the information needed only through online search and may end up facing a discrimination suit. Small business owners have the perception that pre-employment background checks are only mandatory for larger companies.

But the fact of the matter is smaller companies have much more to lose. It is better to pay a small fee for conducting background checks than risk thousands in damages. Recruiters have a very common misconception that every background check vendor provides the same services which makes it wise to select the cheapest service provider.

But there is no single database of criminal information available in the US and instant checks do not exist. Each background screening vendor needs to follow FCRA guidelines, but not all necessarily follow. If you end up getting a deal which seems too good to be true, most probably it is. The background screening industry in the US is highly regulated by rules that protect candidates and the background screening companies.

It is governed by legislation at all government levels from federal to state to local districts. For your ready reference, we have listed below most prevalent government compliance laws and acts applicable in the US for conducting background screening. It provides a guarantee that the information provided by background screening vendors is as accurate as possible. If you already have an online account, you may update your information online for future applications you submit.

This will not change the information on applications previously submitted. If you need to update your information on an application already submitted, please complete a Change of Information Request. Convictions are evaluated for each position and are not necessarily disqualifying. New employees must make arrangements for the direct deposit of paychecks into the financial institution of their choice, via electronic fund transfer.

A list of qualified candidates is established in rank order of scores obtained during the examination process. This video walks you through the steps it takes to apply for a job with San Bernardino County.

Prior to employment, applicants are required to provide necessary documentation to verify proof of legal residence entitling them to work in the United States, as required by the Immigration and Reform Act of Referrals to hiring departments are made with priority given to candidates with the highest scores. Factors such as location, shift, and special skills may be requested by a department. The top candidates meeting the desired criteria will be referred. If a department is interested in interviewing a referred candidate, they will contact the candidate directly by phone or letter.

The hiring department will interview at least three 3 candidates prior to making a selection. View our list of current employment opportunities. Once you find a position of interest, click on the "Apply" option located to the right of the job title. You will then create an account and be able to submit your application using the step-by-step process.

Applications must be filled out completely, and must clearly demonstrate that the minimum qualification requirements are met. A separate application must be submitted for each position. The completed application will be the sole criterion used to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for a position.

Information demonstrating that you meet all of the minimum qualifications, as stated in the job posting, must appear on the application to ensure consideration. Attachments required such as licenses, certificates, and transcripts must be attached if required review minimum qualifications and instructions carefully.

No additional information or modifications to the information provided on your application will be accepted after the filing deadline unless specifically requested by Human Resources. All information is subject to investigation and verification. Applications must be received no later than the deadline time and date advertised. Applications postmarked on the filing deadline and received after the deadline time and date will not be considered timely. Faxed applications are not accepted.

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All employment offers are contingent upon fulfillment of established medical standards for the position. A post-offer, pre-employment physical examination, including drug and alcohol testing, is required. Some positions require a psychological evaluation. Failure to meet all medical standards may result in withdrawal of appointment or termination. County employees must satisfactorily complete an established probationary period.