October 16, October 9, Free Consultation Search for:. Arrest Warrants vs. Bench Warrants In general, a warrant is issued when a person skips out on a court date or a court-mandated penalty such as a fine, community service or parole check-in. Arrest Warrant This is a warrant issued for your arrest because a crime has been committed with strong legal reasoning that you are the person responsible. Being Proactive in the Case of a Warrant Before you do anything else, the simplest thing to do is to verify that you actually do have a warrant out for your arrest.

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Need to Handle a Warrant in Harris County? Stay in the Know Sign up to our newsletter and get the latest tips Email Subscribe Not a valid email. Related posts. Ronnie Yeates October 16, Mark Thiessen October 9, Even if your Miranda rights were never read to you, anything you say can and will be used against you after any meeting, so consult with an attorney first and ideally have them be present if the police want to interview you. Even if they try to convince you otherwise, the police in Wisconsin may only enter your home or place of business if:.

Although they may bang on your door and call out to you, no law requires you to open the door to them or even acknowledge their visit unless they have a warrant.

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If that happens to be the case, be cooperative but remain silent and do not consent to further searches until you have spoken to an attorney. No matter how angry or anxious you feel, do not approach the people who are or may be witnesses against you, even if it is to tell your side of the story. Such a move can be construed as witness tampering, which is a crime.

If you truly feel that speaking to a witness can benefit your case, have your attorney take care of it.

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Remember: unless you are under arrest or the police have a warrant, there is only so much they can do. Always be polite and respectful, even when declining a request. Make it clear that you are not consenting to the search, so their actions can be challenged later in court, and then call your attorney. If you are under police investigation for a misdemeanor or felony in Wisconsin, let Cohen Law Offices protect your rights.

While there are no guarantees in a criminal defense matter, we will provide you with the best advice for your situation and improve your chances of emerging from the investigation unscathed. Coming up in October the Supreme Court is reviewing 50 criminal defense cases for the term that opens on Monday, October 7. Opening day starts with two big cases. First, the justices will consider whether a state may constitutionally eliminate any defense of insanity to criminal charges.

The insanity defense, also known as the mental disorder defense, is an affirmative defense by excuse in a criminal defense case, arguing that the defendant is not responsible for his or her actions due to an episodic or persistent psychiatric disease at the time of the criminal act. The second week, October 16, they focus on considering the life-without-parole sentence for juveniles. That same day, the court will consider a criminal case involving immigration forms.

A few other criminal defense cases the justices will be going over is which authority state or federal has jurisdiction to prosecute major crimes allegedly committed by Indians primarily in Oklahoma, they will evaluate the 2nd amendment gun control laws and the justices will address questions revolving around the use and evaluation of mitigating evidence in capital cases.

We will have to stay tuned to see what they decided on these important cases. If you have questions regarding criminal charges you are facing or a loved one facing criminal charges please call Cohen Law Office today at The term DUI is often synonymous with drunk driving and leads people to think about getting in trouble for driving after drinking alcohol. In reality, DUI stands for driving under the influence, and this influence does not limit its definition to alcohol alone.

Any substance that could cause you to engage in unsafe driving behavior can be considered grounds for a DUI if it is found in your system. Here are a few of the more common ways a person might be charged with a DUI despite them not having ingested any alcohol:. If you look closely at the warning label on your pill bottle, you will see that many of these drugs have a notation stating that it is dangerous to drive while under the influence of this substance. While it makes sense that you still need to maintain your health by taking your prescriptions, a little extra care needs to be exercised when driving.

Any street drug found in your system while you are driving is immediate grounds for a DUI charge. Due to the jarring effects of many drugs like cocaine, morphine, and LSD, there is no question that driving after having taken one of these substances would create a dangerous situation. In the same vein of prescription drugs, over the counter medications might seem harmless because anyone can buy them to treat their symptoms. However, some formulations for allergies or colds can tend to make people very drowsy. If you are highly sensitive to the side effects of medication and choose to drive regardless, it could be grounds for a DUI.

While marijuana is becoming legal in many states for medical and recreational purposes, it is still illegal in Wisconsin for any purpose. Whether you are in The Badger State or not, driving under the influence of cannabis is considered unsafe and could result in receiving a DUI. Contact Cohen Law Offices today. We will work with you regarding your DUI charges and get you back to your daily life in no time.

To defend a criminal case requires having a theory of defense. A defense theory will vary depending on the type of crime at issue, and the evidence used by the prosecution to support its theory of prosecution. In cases involving charges of sexual assault, whether the case involves a complainant that is a child or an adult, some of the theories around which a defense may be structured are similar.

For example, one theory or argument may be that the defendant is actually innocent. Here, the defense hopes to present evidence in some way to the jury that the prosecution is wrong in saying that the defendant is guilty. In such a situation, defenses such as alibi, misidentification in some way may, or that the accuser is lying be at play for the defense.

A claim of innocence requires supportive corroboration. For example, with an alibi defense, showing that the defendant was in the company of others who might serve as witnesses or providing such items as a cab or restaurant receipt might help prove this defense. Other ways of proving innocence might involve illustrating that the defendant was misidentified in some way. Here, the use of DNA may be helpful.

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In the case of sex crimes , DNA may be procured from the victim. If the DNA does not match that of the defendant, this may lead a jury to decide in the defendant's favor. In some cases involving charges of sexual assault against an adult, the defense of consent is a common defense strategy. Although an individual may say that sexual assault occurred, the defendant may argue that the sexual activity was consensual. Island Echo is told that a drugs warrant was executed at an address in Weeks Road, Ryde yesterday morning.

A search of the property was conducted and officers spoke to a year-old man at the address. Enquiries are ongoing, according to Police. Good job well done.

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Just need more police just to walk the streets and catch them at it. Canniabis is only illegal because of big pharma companies! Safer than all chemical drugs pushed by Doctors!

Causes paranioa. It smells like a skunk. Worse than stale smoke or BO. Then not enough users need a higher fix. Probably a disgruntled ex, or junkie customer that the old bill pay for information. Those officers will have been round to that guys house, his friends houses, his families, known hang outs and associates looking for him immediately. I suspect his neighbours were fed up with the stench of cannabis, day in day out. Not to mention the fact that the heat coming off the building was probably contributing to global warming all by itself. Plus these people bypass the electric meter to rig up their equipment, but they never seem to be charged with abstracting electricity.

Why not? The rest of us end up paying higher prices to cover it. No mention of which Class A was seized.

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Much more destructive to lives. Just think, if cultivating was taxed as opposed to policed, how much revenue it would generate. Thus assuming our government would spend it on more bobbies back on our streets instead of lining their own pockets!!