If the HC was not in your envelope, you do not need it to fill out your state income tax return. Please note : If you get both forms, the health coverage shown on your federal B may be different from the coverage shown on the state HC.

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This is because the federal and state rules for MEC are different. Remember that not everyone gets both forms. The phone number is TTY: for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech disabled. We are open Monday through Friday from a. If you would like to continue helping us improve Mass.

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Important tax filing information for MassHealth members If you file taxes, look for these important tax forms in the mail. We send these forms to some members annually in January and February. Why are you getting these tax forms?

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For your federal income tax return: Form B If we send you the B, you will need it to fill out your federal income tax return. Feedback Did you find what you were looking for on this webpage? Do you have anything else to tell us? Please tell us what you were looking for. Text Area. You can also contact the Vital Records Division in the state where death occurred for this document.

Certified death certificates have either a raised seal or a multicolored signature seal from the county, city, or state that issued the certificate. In addition, the original death certificate should contain the signature of an appropriate officer of the county, city, or state certifying the time, place and cause of death. It is recognized and legal proof that an individual is deceased. It contains the official cause and manner of death of the decedent.

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No, we will not. We must receive a certified death certificate with the final manner and cause of death. A claim is considered incontestable when the insured's death occurs two years or more after the policy's issue date or reinstatement date. A claim is considered contestable when the insured's death occurs within two years of the policy issue date or reinstatement date. On a contestable claim, the Medical History Section D of the claim form must be completed.

We will also need the completed Death Claim Authorization signed by the beneficiary or the personal representative of the Estate.

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  7. On contestable policies, the Company will conduct a review to confirm that there was no material misrepresentation on the application that would have caused the Company to decline the issuance or reinstatement of the policy. This review is complex and takes longer to complete as we have to order medical records. The cooperation of the beneficiary, next of kin and the medical providers is essential to secure the necessary information as quickly as possible. We will keep you informed of our progress. A funeral home assignment is a binding contract between a beneficiary and a funeral home.

    If a beneficiary signs an assignment form authorizing us to direct payment of all or a portion of the proceeds to a funeral home and the assignment is received prior to the claim being settled, we are obligated to honor the assignment and pay the funeral home accordingly.

    In some instances, a policyowner will enter into a collateral assignment with a funeral home prior to the insured's death. There are certain guidelines and limitations determined by each state regarding disbursement of funds to a minor under these Acts. Contact our office for specific information.

    If you are representing a minor or an incapacitated person, you should seek legal advice. If a beneficiary's name has changed due to marriage or divorce, a copy of the marriage or divorce decree is required. If the name has changed due to any other reason, we require a court document indicating the name change from the birth name to the requested name.

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    In most cases, the death benefit proceeds are not taxable; however, any interest paid is subject to federal and state taxation. We will not withhold any taxes unless you request we do so or you have advised us that you are subject to backup withholding. This form is utilized for reporting to the Internal Revenue Service interest payments made to an individual or entity such as a trust or estate during any calendar year. Form INT is mailed to an individual or entity in January of the year following the interest payment and provides the individual or entity the amount of interest paid to be reported on their tax return.

    All or part of the death benefit proceeds on an annuity may be taxable. The taxable portion and any withholding is reported to the Internal Revenue Service through Form R. In addition, some states require withholding on the taxable portion when Federal taxes are withheld.

    For more information regarding tax consequences, please consult your tax advisor as there may be options to defer the distribution of taxable payments.