Small Claims Courts 2.0 - Online Dispute Resolution at Franklin County Municipal Court, Ohio

Court Calendar by County. The court calendars are provided for your reference and are sorted by the date of the hearing and by attorney. To locate the court settings for a specific attorney, select Docket by Attorney Firm , select Edit at the top of the page and select Find from the edit pull down menu.

Enter the name of the attorney that you are looking for and click Find Next. This will take you to the first entry for that attorney. To print a docket for a particular attorney, at this point, use your mouse to highlight the entries you desire to print, select File at the top of the page, select Print from the file pull down menu.

From this screen you can print an entire docket for all attorneys or if you click the? Parties who are searching for specific cases can locate by entering the last name of the party that they are searching for on either of the dockets available for each county. Court users and attorneys should rely on their own notes and records as to official hearing dates and times.

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Calendar Selection. Anderson County E. Coffey County S. Box Lyndon KS fax Those who agree to participate complete an application. The case coordinator and the public defender review the application and — if they agree the person is a good candidate for the program — they take the case to the magistrate.

Municipal Court in Licking County

If the magistrate agrees, the individual must show up at court every Wednesday for the first six months, must report to the case coordinator three times per week for two years, and is subject to random drug tests throughout the program. In addition, individuals must participate in clinical assessments that identify personalized treatment plans to help them overcome their addiction.

Those who do complete the treatment and recovery court program will walk away without charges on their record — and with the potential of leading a life free from substance abuse, which is a more desirable outcome than having someone convicted and sitting in a jail cell. This is not an option for every drug offender, and it is far from a slap on the hand. Government Links. City Charter. City Council.

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