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After announcing earlier this week his plans to boost state investments in mental health programming, the governor says he will expand the existing Recovery Court System.

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It's a specialized diversion program focused on comprehensive supervision, treatment services and immediate sanctions and incentives for substance abuse offenders. Calling the expungement fee "burdensome," Lee says individuals with clear records are far more likely to find employment and stable housing instead of re-entering prison. Improving education opportunities within correctional facilities will enable inmates to gain skills needed for successful re-entry into society, according to Lee's office.

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New funding will improve technology infrastructure across correctional facilities to increase the number of incarcerated individuals receiving equivalent high school education. It also includes the launch of a bachelor's degree program at Turney Center Industrial Complex. Lee, a businessman who before his election was involved in volunteer work to help former inmates re-enter society, said that "more than 30 percent of inmates in Tennessee do not have high school education equivalency.

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By offering quality education programming, inmates have a 43 percent lower chance of re-entering prison than those who do not receive this education. Earlier Thursday, House Majority Leader William Lamberth, R-Portland, quipped to reporters, "tune in Monday, I think there's going to be quite a bit to write about" in Lee's State of the State as well as the release of the governor's first state budget.

Lamberth said he expects Lee to be talking about "infrastructure," but not the typical roads, bridges and buildings when it comes to criminal justice issues.

And I don't mean just those that might be incarcerated," the majority leader said. Continue Reading. The Montgomery County Commission voted this week to prohibit live broadcasts, or livestreaming, from within the commission chambers during meetings despite advice that such a prohibition could be unconstitutional.

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The Continue Reading. Many governments have adopted rigid rules for accessing public records based on a TCOG survey of Tennessee counties, cities and school districts Continue Reading. New exemption for college president candidates; ACOG gets opportunity at new life; Effort to close autopsy reports fails Continue Reading. Practical tips for making a public records request Continue Reading.

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