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It contains pages and is a general register, though for the most part the Marriages are kept on different pages from the Burials and Baptisms. There are eleven pages of Banns and Marriages.

It is similar to Volume II. It contains pages of which the records of Banns and Marriages occupy 23 pages.

Chronological Retrospect of the History of Yarmouth and Neighbourhood, by William Finch-Crisp

The Burials and Baptisms are inscribed at the other end of the book. This is an octavo volume bound in vellum, and contains the ordinary printed forms. In the Marriages here printed from Volumes II. These Marriages have been transcribed by Miss L, M. Wright, of Frisby Vicarage, by permission of her father, the Vicar of Frisby and Ragdale, and they are now printed under her supervision.

Baldocke of Ruddington, co. Wilkinson, of this p. See below. I7I3 16 Nov. I7I4 17 Apr. I7I9 14 Nov. Wade, of this p. Stannage, of Rearsby Lockton, of Hoby James Barns, of Wilford, co. The dates above given are not exactly precise, as the first entry is dated The last Marriage entered took place in These appear on the first three pages.

The Baptisms, taking up three pages more, number sixteen, and on another page, to themselves, there are four Burials set down. The Hall, Brooksby, was for centuries the home of the Villiers family, till 1, when the estate passed into the hands of Sir Nathan Wright, " Lord Keeper. The earlier books of registers appear to have been lost for many years, but a number of interesting entries relative to the Villiers family appear in the Hoby books.

These Marriages have been copied by Mr. Matthew Pearson, by permission of the Rev. It was then struck out, and underneath follows, in the handwriting of Thos. Orton, Rector. Begun juheie tlie old Book endeth. The series of Registers belonging to Thrussington Church are, generally speaking, in excellent condition, ai;d consist of six volumes, in u-hich the handwriting is of legible types throughout, and the entries are more or less complete. The several books bear neat and numbered labels on the outside of the cover, indicating the contents and the period covered by each book, while within the cover is a careful and rather fuller summary of the contents.

The synopsis within reads : — Baptisms from to Marriages from to , except the years ; ; and , in which there does not appear to have been any Marriages registered. There does not appear to be any Burials registered in the years There do not appear to be any Marriages registered in the years 1 ; Leicestershire — II.

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Five Briefs are entered on the last page of cover. On label outside : " Marriages from to ," bound in paper boards. Inside : " The Register of Banns and Marriages published or solemnized in the Parish of Thrussington pursuant to the Form prescribed by an act of Parliament intituled an Act for the better preventing of Clandestine Marriages, A Register of Baptisms and Burials from to Volume VI.

The entries are numbered correctly, with the exception that No. The first half of this Book is taken up with the usual entries of the Banns, these are numbered up to 80 Licences not entered , and there is a hiatus from No. These Marriages have been abstracted by Mr.

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Matthew Pearson by the kind permission of the Revd. Arthur Carter, Vicar of Thrussington, whose courteous assistance is hereby acknowledged. Ann Tompkins Willm. Spencer, junr. Kilby, of Sileby Rob. Edward Beeson, of T. Blunt, of Winswold [Wymeswold] Browne, of Wisall, co. Henton, of Hoby, s. Hayne, of Ratcliff, p.

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Henry Sewell, of Ridlington, co. Rutland, at Ridlington Mr. William Wells, junr.

Watson & Jubert (Royal Wedding)

Charles Welles, jun. Wreak, in this p. Mary Hudson, of T. Mary Store, of T. Underwood, of T. I May Leicestershire Parish Registers. Hawkins, of T. Valentine Beeson, of T. Lewin, both of T. Graves, both of T. Porter, of T. Henry Lacey, w. Sibson, lie. William Marston, of T.

Smith I July i8 Dec. Samuel Stinson, w. Garner, w. Benskin, of T. George Bradford, w. Nathanael Bennet, w. M 9 Oct. M 14 Jan. I79I 2 Apr.

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Davie, of T. Daniel Bull, p. William Sibson, of T. Nathaniel Dixon, w. H Nov. Marriages at Barkby, to There is, unfortunately, however, a gap in the Marriages and Burials between and , but with this ex- ception they are otherwise complete.

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At the end of this abstract of the Barkby Marriage registers will be found a printed record of 29 Marriages at Barkby between and These have been extracted from the register transcripts in the Archdeaconry Court at Leicester, by the kind permission of Mr, A. Moore, B. Those from to are earlier, it will be seen, than the existing parish registers, whilst those from to are all that can be found to fill in the serious gap already referred to.

I, in parchment covers, consists of 32 leaves of parchment, measuring iif by 8 inches, and contains Baptisms, to ; Marriages, to , three entries for and one for ; and Burials, to The first portion of this volume, like other early registers, is a transcript of an earlier book long since destroyed. II, also in parchment covers, consists of 47 leaves of parch- ment, measuring 11 by 7 inches, containing Baptisms and Burials, to , and Marriages to This volume contains Marriages only, to It contains Baptisms and Burials, to , with a list of Vicars of Barkby from to V is a paper book of printed forms, in stout covers, the leaves measuring 14I by 9 inches, and containing Marriages, to The north end of Thurmaston was also included in Barkby parish until about Through the generosity of Mr.

Fielding Johnson, of Leicester, these Marriage entries have been extracted by Mr. Henry Hartopp, and are here printed by kind permission of the Rev. Clark, Vicar of Barkby. I6OI 30 Nov. Pyott, esq. Thomas Lacey, of Hoton, p. II May 23 Jan. Elizabeth Pochin, of Barkby John Smith, of Woodhouse, p.