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Colorado No-Call | Department of Regulatory Agencies

Users can also blacklist specific numbers so those go directly to voicemail. It works with mobile phone numbers, and home and business lines.

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  • Wireless Phones and the National Do-Not-Call List | Federal Communications Commission.
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Then the Irvine, Calif. Besides YouMail, here are other services that could curtail the amount of telemarketing and robocalling spam:. If I were you Nancy, I would stop answering the phone — especially from unfamiliar numbers.

The only way for us to really end robocalls is to not answer the phone. If you inadvertently pick up, hang up! And if it irks you enough, then keep complaining to the FTC at complaints. Colorado also has the No-Call list that residents can add their number to too.

Do Not Call List Number

Add your digits at coloradonocall. To complain about annoying telemarketers, do that here: coloradonocall. Updated Aug.

Canada's National Do Not Call List

Federal Communications Commission. Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau. Consumer Inquiries and Complaints Division. Washington, DC These restrictions and the complaint filing system are meant to give consumers the opportunity to limit the number and type of telemarketing calls they receive.

National No Call List. In the meantime, please feel free to search for ways to make a difference in your community at www. Share with facebook.

No Call List / Wis Dept of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Share with twitter. Share with linkedin. Share using email. Robocalls to any number, even one not in the registry, generally are forbidden unless a recipient has an existing business relationship with a firm or has given written consent for the contact, Barlow said. If you receive an inappropriate call, hang up immediately.

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Report abusive calls to the FTC. That step will help law enforcement better target their efforts to protect consumers, Barlow said. Consider computer apps and other devices and services that aim to halt to those irritating, all-too-commonplace calls. More on Robocalls 5 ways to stop spam calls. Please leave your comment below.

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