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Some citizens at a public hearing in January — the bills' only public airing — said they're adamantly opposed. Lou D'Allesandro, a Manchester Democrat, predicts the measure will again fail in the senate.

State Trooper Rebecca Eder-Linell, who maintains the state's sex offender database, says the restrictions make it harder to monitor the state's 2, sex offenders. New Hampshire communities that have residency restrictions typically bar sex offenders from living within 2, feet of a school, playground and other places where children gather. Derry Republican Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien vowed to vote against banning residency restrictions, saying most of her constituents "would consider it preposterous.

NH Bill Would Eliminate Restrictions On Residency For Sex Offenders

Tilton will vote on whether to repeal its ordinance at this spring's town meeting. The Nashua, New Hampshire, police received word in May that 10….

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AP — More people would have to register as sex offenders in New Hampshire under a bill making its way through the House. Republican Rep.

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Yvonne Dean-Bailey…. Under a proposed bill, women who bare their breasts in public as a form of political protest twice in a five-year period would be listed as low-level sex offenders for….

Salem Sex Offender Map | Salem, NH Patch

Chris Dornin,…. Approximately convicted sex offenders and offenders against children are eligible to petition to get off the state's criminal offenders registry, after a little-noticed Supreme Court ruling earlier this year.

Sex offender accused of attacking girl in Sonny's bathroom

Scott Walker signed a bill in February that prohibits violent sex offenders from living within 1, feet of any school, day care, youth center, church or public park in the state. Cities and states continue to enact laws that restrict where convicted sex offenders can live, applying the rules to violent offenders such as pedophiles and rapists, and, in some cases, those convicted of nonviolent sex crimes, such as indecent exposure. They are doing so despite studies that show the laws can make more offenders homeless, or make it more likely they will falsely report or not disclose where they are living.

And though the laws are meant to protect children from being victimized by repeat offenders, they do not reduce the likelihood that sex offenders will be convicted again for sexual offenses, according to multiple studies , including one from the U. Department of Justice. In all, 27 states have blanket rules restricting how close sex offenders can live to schools and other places where groups of children may gather, according to research by the Council of State Governments.

And many laws are becoming more restrictive — along with Wisconsin, they expanded last year in Arkansas, Montana, Oklahoma and Rhode Island.

Domestic Violence

Many courts, such as in California and Michigan , have found the laws to be unconstitutional for being too vague or too restrictive in impeding where offenders can live. Psychologists who have treated sex offenders, such as Gerry Blasingame, chair of the California Coalition on Sexual Offending, say the impetus behind the laws — the belief that offenders who have been released will continue to seek out child victims who they do not know — is more perception than reality. Most perpetrators abuse children they know; just one in 10 perpetrators of child sex abuse is a stranger to the victim.

There may be merit in restricting housing for sex offenders who victimized a child they did not know, Socia said. But these laws often apply to all registered sex offenders, including anyone convicted of a sex crime, even nonviolent offenses such as indecent exposure and statutory rape. Bureau of Justice Statistics study in , the most recent available, found that 5.

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  5. Although researchers generally acknowledge that the recidivism rate may be low because these crimes are underreported. Several studies, including one from Florida and another from Minnesota , have shown the laws have no effect. What they can do is make offenders even greater outcasts. And the board soon will release a study that will show that, once homeless, a sex offender is more likely to reoffend. California stopped enforcing its blanket rule requiring offenders to stay 2, feet from schools and parks statewide last year, after the state Supreme Court ruled in March that the law imposed unconstitutional restrictions on paroled sex offenders in San Diego County.