What to do if you purchase a new or used vehicle

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When paying by credit card, a convenience fee of 2. The Treasurer's Office does not receive any portion of this fee.

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Payment by cash, check, money order, and certified funds are accepted, and should be made payable to Norfolk City Treasurer. You may pay in person at:. A service fee of 2.

For your convenience, there is a drop box in City Hall Union Street located outside of the City Treasurer's main gate. The City Hall lobby is open from a. Monday through Friday. Skip to Main Content. If you have any delinquent taxes on that account, the message shown below will appear on your bill.

Treasurer's Office

If you purchase a vehicle after October 15, , you will receive your prorated bill March 1 and it will be due on March 31, Delinquent Personal Property Tax bills are pink in color, and were mailed out August 5th, This is not a new bill, this is a second notification of taxes due, and it includes penalty and interest, as well as any delinquent taxes due for prior billing periods. If the balance due is not paid by the due date of August 31st, , taxpayers are subject to receiving a DMV Stop with additional fees.

For more information on personal property taxes and assessments, please see the Commissioner of the Revenue. Skip to Main Content.

The current percentage reduction for personal property tax relief is Prorate of personal property tax began January 1, on all vehicles with the exception of aircraft and boats. As of , assessments are based on the loan value of vehicles listed in the N.

Personal Property Assessments

A Official Pricing Guidebook. The personal property tax is assessed on all vehicles aircraft, boats, buses, cars, mobile homes, trailers, motor homes, motorcycles, and trucks that are garaged, parked, or stored within the City of Roanoke.