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When I wrote that earlier article, I was aware that connecting a major shift in overall consumer behavior to a graphed trendline of searches in Google was a little loose in terms of causality. There are many reasons why people search for a particular phrase, and many reasons why cumulative searches for the phrase can rise or fall.

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Not to mention, there is uncertainty about what the actual volume of searches is in the graphs since Google obscures volume amounts, and there can be error in assuming that Google users reflect the same search patterns of users who may search elsewhere, such as in Bing. Google Trends also showed expectable seasonal spikes for various industries, and rises and declines in cumulative interest in topics which is the basis for Google Zeitgeist which is also often cited as a pulse indicator for rises and drops in popularity. So, when I saw the clearly-declining trend line for YP searches back then, it was concerning to me, and it seemed highly likely that the cause probably was that Google Maps and other local search engines were having an impact on both print and online YP usage.

In the above graph, which was derived from yearly figures provided variously by the Local Search Association previously named the Yellow Pages Association , one can see that print usage figures have generally been dropping since Note: The accounting methodology was was changed following , so figures before and after are not necessarily quantitatively equivalent units, but I believe this graph is still a reasonable representation of the overall declining trend.

Yellow pages companies enjoyed a tremendous profitability over most of their one-hundred-year-plus history. For the past generations, this was true. While the above graph only goes up to , it can be seen that revenues began softening at around the year In many markets, the decline in revenues can also be seen reflected in the size of local yellow pages books.

Comparison of Denver Yellow Pages Books, vs. The effect of declining revenues on the top YP companies over the last four years has been massive. Idearc, the company spun off when Verizon divested itself of its yellow pages division, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in , along with R.

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Donnelley and Ambassador Media Group the same year. While there were other big factors that impacted each of these companies in addition to reduced print profits, I would argue that factors such as the recession simply accelerated their rates of decline which would have happened anyway due to consumers migrating away from their printed product.

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While Chapter 11 reorganizations are not the same as a complete extinction of these companies, one could have expected them to emerge as much more agile competitors after reducing debt obligations. Donnelley after they emerged from Chapter Dex One is planning to continue cost-cutting into as well.

The more complex piece to analyze of the YP industry involves their online divisions: while their print divisions are experiencing longterm shrinkage, their online arms have grown in usage and revenues in some cases. The YP industry challenge all along has been that they needed to grow their digital products to replace their legacy print YP books — and profits on the Internet side are considerably lower than the print ads.

To order a phone book, request a free copy of Frontier Pages. Simply go online to the Frontier Pages request page and fill out the form to have the book sent to you.

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Alternatively, call them at You can also order a complementary phone book from Dex media. Alternatively, call to request a book by phone. Learn why people trust wikiHow. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 5 references. Learn more Ordering Yellow Book Listings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Request a copy online. Go to the FrontierPages request page and fill out the form to request your phone book.

They will ask you for your name and business name if applicable , your address, city, state, and zip code, plus your phone number and your email address.

FrontierPages is starting to remove residential white pages listings from their directories. Call them. To order your Frontier telephone directory by phone, you can call If you want the supplemental residential white pages listing, be sure to ask for it specifically.

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Use the online directory. You can use the FrontierPages online directory to search for people and businesses, to get directions, and to perform reverse phone call searches. To find a person, you'll need a last name and preferably a first name as well , and the zip code where they live. Part 2 of Order one online. Go to the Dex Media directory store.

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You can either select your state from the map, or put in your city, state, and directory type to search for different directories they provide, such as the SuperPages, which is a directory that combines yellow pages the business directory and white pages residential listings. Call to order a phone book. Dex Media provides one free directory to landline subscribers with Verizon, [2] FairPoint, and Frontier.

You can order one by calling them at Use their online phone directory.

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Dex Pages is another phone directory, and they provide an online version of their print directory, which can be access from the Dex Media website. Select your state from the map, and then select your specific region. You can then scroll through the online phone directory just like you would flip through the print version.