Vinyl Record to Digital Estimator

Software and Recording

Launch your program and create a new file. Test play your record and make sure the input levels do not reach "red", adjust input volume if necessary. Click "Record" and once you are finished hit "Stop". If using Garageband go to the "File" menu and select "Save As".

The default file type is AAC. FYI, iTunes files are kbps.

Vinyl-to-Digital Conversion — Rogue's Hollow Recordings

MP3s optimize and compress file size. Once you have edited and saved your audio files, just drag the files from the folder you have saved them to into iTunes. Name your project and choose your sample rate and bit depth this will determine the resolution of your master audio files. On the track, press the small circular record button to engage recording on your new track.

Bring the recording level down until you get a nice strong signal, without any clipping. When your levels are set, use the main record, stop and play controls at the bottom of the screen to start recording much like a traditional tape recorder. Once your recording is complete, you can export each track as individual files.

This process takes some work, but it is essential if you want the convenience of track selection and skipping.

Sample workflow for LP digitization

You can create a loop around the track by clicking and dragging just above the bars indication [pictured below] and adjusting the loop until it fits around the track. You can usually see the silence between songs quite clearly in the waveform. In the export mixdown screen, you can name your file and select from a wide variety of file types depending on what is compatible with your preferred player. Repeat this export process for each track, moving the loop accordingly.

Vinyl To MP3/WAV High Quality Conversion

In other words, the artist, track and album information that makes your files archivable and easy to find in standard music libraries. Bulk edits that apply to every track — such as album name and artist — can be applied by selecting multiple tracks at once.

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You now have a high-quality digital copy of your favorite vinyl to take with you on the move. Now pour yourself a drink, sit back, and enjoy the music. If Audacity is working for you, go for it; whatever makes it easier at the end of the day.

In my experience Studio, One is preferable to the open-source Audacity option, but your mileage may vary. Happy listening.

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If you do want to start new tracks for different sides of the tape or LP on a new track in Audacity, press the yellow Stop button to stop recording, get the LP to where you want to go to, then press the red Record button in Audacity and start the player. The recording will now restart on a new track. As a final step, since you were careful not to record too loud it is likely that your recording is not as loud as possible.

To correct this you can use the Normalize effect. Note that Normalize defaults to retaining the existing balance between stereo channels. However basic consumer-level equipment can often record with channels unbalanced. To correct unwanted volume differences between left and right, uncheck "Normalize stereo channels independently". When you are happy with your editing, you need to export the recording as an audio file such as WAV or MP3 that you can either play on your computer media player for example on iTunes or Windows Media Player , or which you can burn to an audio or MP3 CD.

If you are planning to burn a CD with your exported files you should ensure that you use the export format bit PCM stereo WAV, this should be the default if you have not changed it. Also ensure that your Project Rate is So those are the basics of recording to your computer via your USB turntable.

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