Box , Georgetown, DE Page 1 of 4 Showing 1 - 14 of I am wondering if I can download an official death record online rather than dealing with the county and waiting Unanswered Questions Are my records public and anyone can access them? What documentation do immigrants need to provide to apply for US citizenship? What is the fastest way to get a death certificate copy?

Are public records really free? Which records are public online? Credit checks are the only truly personal records that you must gi Are employee background checks legal? Join the Discussion recordman 40 investigator 20 harryd 20 RecordSearch Estimates will be provided upon request.

Payment is expected when the records are mailed or picked up. They are responsible for the billing and mailing of requested records. You may receive an invoice on their business letterhead. Once payment is made to MRO, the records will be mailed.

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If you have questions related to the invoice, please call the phone number listed on the invoice. Identification is always required. A photo ID is preferred. For those situations when a patient is authorizing release of records to third party on their behalf, the third party must present identification.

Medical Records

Please note, documentation of the patient's mailing address is needed if different from the one on file at Shore Medical Center. In person requests for release of information and pick-up will only be handled during normal business hours which are Monday through Friday, a. In an effort to protect patient confidentiality and privacy, records will not be faxed unless there is a bonafided medical emergency. Emergent requests will be handled on a case by case basis. If you have additional questions regarding the release of medical records call, or , Monday through Friday, a.

Birth Certificates

Authorizations signed by a representative must be verified. Date of the signature Please note unsigned requests will not be processed To contact Release of Information, please call or , Monday through Friday, a.

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Frequently Asked Questions Who can obtain copies of my records? What if I'm unsure of the exact date s I was treated?

New Bill May Unlock Birth Certificates for Adoptees

How long will it take for my request be processed? Is there a fee for requesting a copy of my medical records? When can I come to pick up the records I requested?

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