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All I could see was the singer. But I had certain obligations at that age. We eventually left our church, Assembly of God, when I was A scandal had erupted involving stolen money, and it caused a big rift in the church.

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After that the concept of church really upset me for a long time. I went to school until about seventh grade, before my parents decided to homeschool us. I sucked at math. Was pretty good with science, and I was great at music class. Big surprise. Music was always in the house. Our dad could play just about anything, and we started picking up instruments ourselves. When Nick was 7, he began singing everywhere—in the house, in the hair salon even, which is where he was discovered.

We never really had an idea of making music together, but years later when Nick was working on his debut album, Nicholas Jonas, Kevin and I genuinely wanted to write with him. He had signed a lot of brother bands—Oasis, Good Charlotte—and when we went in and sang the song for him, he told us he wanted to sign us as a group.

Especially Nick, who was only 12 I was 15 and Kevin was 17 , and he had to make all these big decisions about whether he wanted to be in a band or work solo or work with his brothers. Luckily, he was cool with working with us. We were working on it for so long, and our dad had to drive us to the recording studio in the city every day.

It felt like something a boy band would be called. For a few years, my two brothers, our father, our backup band, and I drove around in a van from city to city, playing any venue that would have us—schools, churches, bat mitzvahs—while our mother stayed at home to take care of our youngest brother, Frankie.

Those early touring years were rough. We opened up for the Veronicas, who had a club crowd, and we had to prove to those crowds that we could really play. It was always a struggle because every single night we were walking into hate. Sometimes people flipped us off, threw water bottles at us. Everything completely changed when Disney entered the picture. They were geared toward a younger market, and we had a younger audience, so we started doing some Disney concerts, Disney Christmas concerts, and Disney roller-coaster openings.

Before we knew it, our fan base had exploded. We went from an opening act to headliners, first in half-theaters, then full theaters, then half-arenas to full arenas, all within a span of around six weeks. Playing the Texas state fair in was a turning point. There were 40, people, and we needed to get a helicopter in order to make it to the show because the traffic was so bad. I remember sitting in that helicopter, flying over all those cars, and thinking, This is really happening. Disney is great at creating fame.

Miley Cyrus played an already-famous pop star on a Disney show, Hannah Montana, and as we were starting to blow up, we got a boost by playing ourselves, as her favorite band on her own show.

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That was definitely our first major love shown by Disney, and I think it might have been a trial to see whether they should give us a show of our own, and they did. We got a sitcom called Jonas in which we played characters named Kevin, Joe, and Nick Lucas, members of an already-famous band. But the thing about the show was that some of the writing on it was terrible. It just ended up being some weird slapstick humor that only a year-old would laugh at.

They took out the kissing scene that Nick had.

When You Look Me in the Eyes by Jonas Brothers

I had to shave every day because they wanted me to pretend like I was 16 when I was 20 when the show was done, I cut my hair off and grew as much of a beard as I could. We went along with it at the time, because we thought Disney was our only real shot, and we were terrified that it could all be taken away from us at any moment.

Being a part of a company like that comes with certain expectations. Not overtly, but there was a subtle vibe. We were working with Disney in when the Vanessa Hudgens nude-photo scandal happened. We heard that she had to be in the Disney offices for a whole day because they were trying to figure out how to keep her on lockdown. We were just kids. We were frightened little kids. I went through media training, and I hated it. I have a great story about my dog! We also had a strategy for who would take which kinds of questions. If it was a serious question, Nick would answer it.

If it was lighthearted, Kevin would. Nick and I took questions related to our music and explaining what certain songs meant. We even did a Good Housekeeping story with our mom where we were wearing these horrible pastels. It makes me cringe just to think about it. Disney made us more famous than we ever knew we could be.

Jonas Brothers - When You Look Me In The Eyes - with lyrics

It could get scary, too: We did a meet-and-greet in Spain, and like , people showed up and we ended up being chased through a shopping mall. It felt like a zombie apocalypse. It felt like a problem we had to solve without it getting us into trouble. There was this time in South America where a hotel staff member snuck his kid into my room. There used to be this group of fans who liked to camp outside our apartments in New York, and about a year ago, one of them asked us for a photo in the morning, and I said hi to him, and later that night, he was outside a restaurant that we had gone to with some friends.

That was not cool. It felt like he was following us.

The Jonas Brothers - When you look me in the eyes

Please please please? The topic that dominated news coverage of us for a long time was the whole promise-ring thing. It started when I was really young—I must have been 10 or Kevin and I decided to join—Nick tried it later. I remember this interview with this guy whose entire agenda was to focus on the rings. But back then, we explained that we had made these promises to ourselves when we were younger.

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Because of our age, because of Disney, because of those rings, there were so many things throughout our career that we had to sugarcoat. If a lyric was slightly sexual, someone at the record company would tell us we had to change it. We decided to take the rings off a few years ago. I lost my virginity when I was I did other stuff before then, but I was sexually active at What was that couple that was pretty famous from The Hills? Heidi and Spencer?

I've been looking for that someone, I'll never make it on my own. Dreams can't take the place of loving you. There's gotta be a million reasons why it's true. When you look me in the eyes, And tell me that you love me.

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Everything's alright, When you're right here by my side. When you look me in the eyes, I catch a glimpse of heaven. I find my paradise, When you look me in the eyes. How long will I be waiting To be with you again? I'm gonna tell you that I love you, In the best way that I can.

I can't take a day without you here. You're the light that make my darkness disappear.

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