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When Yellow Pages started their website, after years of only printing books, they added a new feature. The Yellow Pages website is incredibly similar to Yelp in that it is also a reviewing platform. Yellow Pages website visitors are searching for a business to use, which helps you generate leads for your business. You can also search by category, rather than just keywords, which is unique.

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Your subscription has been confirmed. You'll hear from us soon. When you first visit the Super Pages website, you will see it has a different layout than other listing platforms. It is more of an awareness tool, rather than a rating tool.

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If you want more calls to your business, this is the website for you. This unique feature may increase your leads. On Local. You will also see that they publish content for their blog. This is very different than most of these other websites because Local. Their blog also helps drive traffic to their website, increasing the chance for your listing to be seen. In addition to the option of searching for keywords, on Cyclex , you can browse popular searches, cities, brands, and more.

Foursquare is arguably the most unique website on this list.

Their Swarm App helps users remember the places they have been by checking into businesses and reviewing them. Their city guide is more similar to Yelp or Google My Business.

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  • Creating a listing on Foursquare is a great option for business owners because of their two innovative search features. This website not only allows you to create a listing for your business, but it also has a marketplace too!

    In this study, there were 5 consumer search categories studied which were healthcare, financial services, automotive services and products, home services and restaurant dining. Also, searches were conducted by looking up a particular keyword and the phone number, city, zip and state. Based on findings from the study, although the search engines ended up being more popular, the Yellow Pages were more efficient.

    However, interaction and action continue to remain competitively high for Internet Yellow Page users, according to the Local Search Association. Also, there was a 65 percent rate of searches turning into sales the same day the listing was found meaning consumers who are using the Yellow Pages seem ready to buy.

    3 Best Advantages of Listing Your Business in Yellow Pages

    These statistics, however, do not change the fact that search engines are still the game winner here. People like simplicity. Getting online has become so much easier these days since you are able to access the Internet at home, work, or any library. People would rather type their query in the search engines to find what they need, whether on their desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, rather than sifting through pages of Yellow Page ads.

    In the past, local search queries were always done by typing in your service area name or your city and service you offer. Never mind that you've paid for a bigger ad for 10 or more years.

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    When you decide to downsize to a smaller ad because the cost for the same ad goes up EVERY YEAR and keeps escalating, they'll reward you by putting you at the END of the smaller ads, even though you may have been first in the larger ads. That's the reward you will receive for being a good customer all those years, and that's how much they actually care about their loyal customers after making a downsizing change.

    A website, on the other hand, after a modest investment, allows for product differentiation. It provides you the opportunity to showcase and highlight the benefits of your products and services without your competitors being on the same page; the show is all yours. If that yellow page ad is not bringing in customers or converting readers into customers, you are still stuck paying the monthly bill for a year, no possible testing or tweaking for better results available there.

    With your website, it can be changed, tweaked, or altered as much as you would like through the year until you find the right combination's that WILL convert those searchers into paying customers for you. With a website, you can create as many pages and as much content as you like, with no additional costs for that content space. Actually, the more quality optimized content you have on your site, the better it is for your search engine rankings.

    Your website can be optimized to show up for multiple keywords related to your specific business, and also in multiple categories, at no additional cost. Try listing your business under 10 different categories and see how much that will cost you! Instead of spending all your hard-earned advertising dollars on a static, limited ad that may or may not yield any results for your business, why not implement an online advertising campaign? All is Not Lost for the Yellow Pages. Yellow page books are great for lifting your computer monitor to a more comfortable height.

    That is one thing that a web page simply cannot do. All kidding aside. Page 1 SEO Services would like to offer you some suggestions about how to reallocate your advertising dollars for a better ROI for your business advertising dollars:. We do not recommend totally abandoning your yellow page ads unless you are ranked on Page 1 of Google and the other search engines. Many businesses, however, are saving considerable amounts of money and achieving better results and more revenue by slimming down the costs of their yellow page presence and investing the money into a website, if they do not already have one.

    Additionally, buying SEO services accomplishes the much-needed rankings in the search engines for their website. Your marketing dollars can generate a much better ROI when you focus on providing relevant, optimized quality content that converts your visitors into customers.

    Look at the yellow pages as an investment for your business. What did it cost you last year and what business came directly from it?