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How to Find All IP Addresses on a Network

I had a similar issue at a large client. Their lease time was 7 days.

Dropped it to 8 hours and haven't had an out of IP issue since. This is your best answer.

This is a good option but then you must be mindful that computers will be switching addresses more frequently. For us, we have a lot of DHCP but the leases are long enough that its like they're practically static. Just something to keep in mind? Same, this is the route I would suggest to buy you some time to implement and test either a wider scope or vlan.

The Internet Is Now Officially Too Big as IP Addresses Run Out

Depending on how bad it is, you could even suggest to temporarily not have phones on the wireless until the above work is done. Just get them to agree and change the wireless password i'm assuming they're not using something like radius for auth.

I'd concur. Back in the day some would argue for a longer lease time to minimize DHCP network chatter, but its really minimal a few packets here and there.

What's the Difference Between a Hub, a Switch, and a Router? - Ask Leo!

A long lease time would tie up address that werent in use for several days. Will follow your suggestion for adjusting the lease time, thanks! Vlan it. Statics should not really be existing at a huge rate in your tiny host network. Why vlans? You'll preserve the original subnet, and can create a guest space where they ought to have been segmented in the first place. Most Cisco switches, and switches in general, support up to vlans with 1 being the default.

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This is a crucial point in your network if you're gonna decide between actually fixing it, or just duct taping the problem. Even if they have a nice router, maybe a 1Gbps Cisco, that's still a hell of a bottleneck. While setting up VLANs it the right solution, I wouldn't do it in a general office without a layer 3 switch, so they are looking at a couple of thousand dollars before they get started. Screen share to another machine? Print halfway around the world?

Okay, that was a lot to digest. You can do what you want - I do it routinely - but it can be involved.

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